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            Industrial Cleaners
Product NameShort DescriptionUnit Price
 "O" So Clean  All-purpose oxygen-based cleaner  $14.96
 Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener  Concentrated hydrofluoric acid-blend cleaner  $72.71
 Bio-Clean Concentrate  Biodegradable, general purpose detergent  $44.96
 Bio-Max OC  All-purpose rest room cleaner with special odor countermeasure  $52.46
 Blast  Degreases then Releases  $52.46
 Capture  Emergency clean-up absorbent powder  $29.96
 Chloronated Foaming Cleaner  Concentrated bleach cleaner  $52.46
 Clean Cut  Ready-to-use butyl cleaner  $29.96
 Coil Cleaner  For air conditioner and refrigeration coils  $56.64
 Concrete/Asphalt Cleaner  Heavy duty powdered all purpose cleaner  $4.99
 General Purpose Powerdered Detergent  Heavy-duty multipurpose concentrate  $8.96
 Graffitti Remover  Non-toxic liquid formula for removing graffitti  $69.00
 Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner  Contains 19.5% hydrochloric acid  $78.72
 Laundry Detergent  Lemon-scented powder  $8.21
 Non-Butyl Cleaner Concentrate  General purpose alkaline cleaner/degreaser  $37.46
 Organic Acid Cleaner  Concentrated phosphoric acid cleaner  $72.71
 Rust Converter  Halts Rust and prevents future corrosion  $164.96
 Saftey First ARP-424  Aircraft cleaner and degreaser  $67.46
 Simple Shower  One-step shower cleaner  $37.46
 Stainless Steel Cleaner  Mild acid-based cleaner & brightener  $67.46
 Steam & Hot Tank Cleaner  Heavy-duty alkaline stripper and cleaner  $12.71
 Steam & Pressure Wash Concentrate  For all steam cleaners and pressure washers  $44.96
 Triple Zero  Heavy-duty multipurpose cleaner  $37.46
 Ultra-Neutral Cleaner Concentrate  Dilutable multipurpose cleaning concentrate  $127.46

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