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Product NameShort DescriptionUnit Price
 Aero-Gel  70% d-Limonene, Thickened Tar Remover  $276.75
 Aero-Squirt  1.5% d-Limonene, Foaming Cleaner  $201.75
 All-Purpose Spray Cleaner  Multi-Surface Cleaner  $179.25
 Barren Aerosol  Powerful, long-lasting herbicide  $284.25
 Baseboard Stripper & Cleaner  Quickly Removes Finishes And Wax  $209.25
 Belt Dressing  Reconditions Belts For Improved Efficiency  $261.75
 Berry Air Freshener  Deodorizes unpleasant odors  $216.75
 Buzzsaw Wasp And Hornet Killer  20 Foot "Jet Stream"  $269.25
 Carpet/Upholstery Spot Remover  Upside-Down Spray  $201.75
 Chewing Gum Remover  Freezes Gum on Contact  $194.25
 CIK - Crawling Insect Killer  Vanilla Scented Crawling Insect Killer  $269.25
 Citrus Air Freshener  Deodorizes Unpleasant Odors  $216.75
 Cutting & Tapping Fluid  RTU Cooland And Lube  $201.75
 Dust Mop Treatment  Oil-based, Lemon Scented  $209.25
 Engine Starter  Provides Quick Starts In Cold Damp Weather  $209.25
 FIK - Flying Insect Killer  Quick Knockdown Spray  $269.25
 Foaming Coil Cleaner  Foamin, No Rinse Coil Cleaner  $186.75
 Foaming Lemon-Scented Cleaner/Disinfectant  Dual Quat, Lemon Fragrance  $216.75
 Glass Cleaner  Non-Streaking Formula  $141.75
 Graphite Lubricant  Dry Film Heat & Pressure Lube  $261.75
 Grease-It  Extreme Pressure & Temperature  $261.75
 Heavy Duty Penetrating Oil  Penetrates & Looses Rusted Parts  $276.75
 Hospital Surface Disinfectant  Phenolic, Fresh & Clean Fragrance  $216.75
 Lemo-Shine Furniture Polish  Blend of Silicone & Lemon Oil  $209.25
 Linen Air Freshener  Deodorizes unpleasant odors  $216.75
 Mountain Breeze Air Freshener  Deodorizes unpleasant odors  $216.75
 Multi-Purpose Penetrant  Lubricant & Demoisturant, CARB Compliant  $276.75
 Non-Flammable Safety Solvent  Fast Drying With High Dielectric Strength  $261.75
 Orange Away  93% d-Limonene, Flush-Off Solvent  $119.25
 Oven Cleaner  Foaming, No-Odor formula  $216.75
 Quick Dry Solvent Cleaner  VOC-Complaint Cold Solvent  $0.00
 Rust Converter  Changes Rust Into An Inert, Protective Coating  $299.25
 Silicone Lube  Fast Drying And Non-Staining  $349.00
 Stainless Steel Cleaner  Oil Based Cleaner & Polish  $186.75
 Total Release Fogger  Eliminates insects from large areas  $201.75
 Triple Threat Foaming Selective Herbicide  Broadleaf weed control in an aerosol  $299.25
 Vandal Mark Remover  Powerful Graffitti Eraser  $269.25
 Vanilla-Bean Air Freshener  Deodorizes unpleasant odors  $216.75
 Windshield Deicer  Melts Snow, Frost & Ice On Contact  $186.75

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