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            Floor Care
Product NameShort DescriptionUnit Price
 Chisel  Heavy-duty, rinse-free stripper  $59.95
 Clear Attractions  Water-based dust mop treatment  $52.46
 Clear Cut  Non-ammoniated wax stripping concentrate  $59.95
 Concrete Cleaner & Etch  Cleans, etches and bleaches in one step  $22.47
 Concrete Seal  Epoxy ester resin seals and protects  $119.25
 Crystal  Durable, metal cross-linked acrylic floor finish  $72.71
 Crystal Image  Spray buff gloss restorer  $59.95
 Dazzle  High-gloss floor finish  $82.46
 Diamond  Water-based urethane finish & sealer  $96.75
 Excel  Neutral pH auto scrubber concentrate  $37.46
 First Reflections  Long-lasting floor sealer and under coater  $59.96
 Floor Neutralizer  Neutralizes detergent and stripper residues  $37.46
 High Glow  Neutral pH floor cleaner  $8.41
 Jewel  High performance, low maintenance floor finish  $81.75
 Lustre Restorer  Gloss floor restorer and cleaner  $52.46
 Shield  Water-Based Stone and Concrete Impregnator  $119.25

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