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Product NameShort DescriptionUnit Price
 Aluminum Transmission & Engine Cleaner  Concentrated and Soluble Powder  $11.21
 Car Shampoo  Concentrated foaming detergent  $52.46
 Car Wash  Concentrated powdered detergent  $8.99
 Car Wash & Wax  One-step cleaner and wax  $59.95
 Diesel Clean  Cetane-improving diesel additive  $96.75
 Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel  Concentrated fuel additive  $79.95
 Dissolve-All  Emulsifiable parts washer solvent  $59.96
 Fuel Aid Plus  Multifunctional fuel additive  $89.25
 Hot Wax Concentrate  Beading agent for automatic washers  $72.71
 Protect All  Conditions and protects multiple surfaces  $82.46
 Tire & Wheel Cleaner  Cleans and brightens without scrubbing or brushing  $59.95
 Tire Dressing  Water-based silicone protectant  $134.25
 Ultra Car Wash Concentrate  Dilutable detergent concentrate  $97.46
 Vehicle Wash & Wax  Used in high-pressure equipment  $59.95
 Windshield Deicer Concentrate  Powerful methanol-based concentrate  $44.96

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