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            Bacterial/Enzyme Digestants
Product NameShort DescriptionUnit Price
 Bio Blast HCB  Reduces odors and sludge in oily waters  $52.46
 Bio Tread  Bacterial Floor Cleaner  $52.46
 Bio-Action  Drain opener, maintainer, build-up remover  $89.25
 Bio-Flow  Complete grease trap maintenance system  $52.46
 Bio-Flow Block  For grease traps, interceptors, and collection systems  $411.75
 Bio-Flow Ultra  Concentrated grease trap and drain maintainer  $900.00
 Bio-Paks  Water-soluble bioremediation packets  $644.25
 Compost Digestant  Reduces waste volume in landfills  $14.21
 Digest KFP 585  Kitchen and food processing digestant  $17.96
 Digestase APD 900  All-purpose digestant  $22.46
 Digestase FDE 750  Farm digestant with enzymes  $17.96
 Digestase GTD 655  Environmentally safe grease trap digestant  $11.96
 Digestase SDE 340  Sewer digestant with enzymes  $11.96
 Liquidase 250  For drains, grease traps and septic systems  $89.25
 Live Micro 535  Destroys and controls odors the natural way  $52.46
 Royal Flush  Liquid digestant and odor control  $89.25
 Ultra Live Micro Concentrate  Destroys and controls odors the natural way  $246.75

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