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            Sewer/Drain Treatment
Product NameShort DescriptionUnit Price
 Alka-Treat  Stabilizes the pH of boiler water  $59.96
 Bio-Cide  Algaecide for cooling water  $96.75
 Boiler Complete Treat H  Multipurpose boiler treatment  $67.46
 Boiler Complete Treat S  All-in-one liquid soft water boiler treatment  $67.46
 Boiler Treat H  Scale and corrosion inhibitor  $52.46
 Boiler Treat S  Soft water steam boiler treatment  $52.46
 Cherry Sewer Sweetner  Control Offensive Odors  $37.46
 Citrus Lift Station Degreaser  Strips away grease with the power of díLimonene  $59.95
 Digest  Sewer Digestant with enzymes  $5.99
 Floating Lift Station Degreaser (Powder)  Powdered lift station cleaner/degreaser  $4.89
 Fuel Treat  Allows fuel to burn cleaner  $96.75
 High Heat  Granular drain opener  $767.25
 Lemon Sewer Cleaner  Control offensive odors  $44.96
 Loop Treat Nitro  Borate/Nitrate scale & corrosion inhibitor  $59.96
 Loop Treat Poly  Organic polymer-based scale & corrosion inhibitor  $59.96
 Oxy Treat  Prevents oxygen pitting in steam boilers  $52.46
 Root Be Gone  Industrial Alkaline Drain Opener  $4.89
 Settling Agent Concentrate  Quickly precipitates silt, clay, sludge and other organic solids  $67.46
 Sewer Anti-Foam Concentrate  Control agent for wastewater treatment plants  $67.46
 Sewer Cleaner  Extra Heavy Duty Drain Opener & Cesspool/Septic Tank cleaner  $4.89
 Sewer Tracing Dye  Concentrated, non-polluting formula  $72.71
 Silt & Sand Flush  Clears deposits from storm and sanitary sewers  $37.46
 Sludge Treat  Polymeric dispersant and conditioner  $59.96
 Super High Heat  Heavy-duty granular drain opener  $749.25
 Tower Treat H  Scale and corrosion inhibitor for hard water  $89.25
 Tower Treat S  Scale and corrosion inhibitor for soft water  $97.46
 Tower-cide  Water-soluble microbiological growth inhibitor  $104.96

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