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Diquat 4.35%
Aquatic and terrestrial weed killer concentrate EPA Approved

Aquatic and Terrestrial Weed Killer

·         Interior plantscapes

·         Ornamental gardens

·         Parks

·         Golf courses

·         Lawns

·         Grounds

·         Railroads

·         Highways

·         Pumping stations

·         Dividers and medians

·         Pipelines

·         Public utility lines

·         Manufacturing plants

·         Transformer stations

·         Electric utilities

·         Commercial buildings

·         Driveways

·         Storage yards

·         Fence lines

·         Parkway

·         Patios

·         Ponds*

·         Lakes*

·         Drainage ditches*


*Aquatic use where there is little or no outflow of water and which are totally under the control of the product’s user.


Effective Against

·         Broad leaf weeds

·         Grasses

·         Aquatic weeds


Features and Benefits

·         Non-Selective vegetation killer for control of broadleaf weeds, grasses and aquatic weeds

·         Kills most forms of plant growth without damage to the soil

·         Effects are visible in only a few days

·         Deactivates on contact with soil



EPA registered product


Directions Complete directions on product label

Terrestrial Application: Apply to young weeds since control decreases as weeds mature. Retreatment may be necessary to control grasses and established weeds. Dilute 2 to 5 gallons plus 8-16 oz of a nonionic surfactant per 100 gallons of water. (6 2/3 oz plus teaspoon of nonionic surfactant to one-gallon water). Apply for full coverage and thorough weed contact.

Submersed Aquatic Weeds: 10-20 gallons per surface acre. Apply by directly pouring from container into the water and moving over the water surface in a boat.

Floating Aquatic Weeds: 5-7 _ gallons per surface acre. Dilute in 150 to 200 gallons of water plus 1 pint of nonionic surfactant and spray for the control of the weeds.

Duckweed: 10 gallons per acre. Dilute in 50 –150 gallons water. Cover all plants on water and on damp marginal areas.

Marginal Weeds (infesting the edges and other portions of ponds, lakes and ditches): 10 gallons in 100 gallons of water, plus 1 pint of a nonionic surfactant and cover weeds thoroughly.

Algae: Apply 0.5-1.5 ppm.



Caution: May irritate eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.



Appearance......................... Yellow Liquid

Fragrance .......................... Characteristic

Specific gravity……........... 1.01

pH ...................................... 4.0 - 6.0




Diquat dibromide (6,7-dihydrodipyrido (1,2-a:2’, 1’-c) pyrazinedium dibromide


Inert Ingredients



Contains 0.2 lbs. Diquat cation per gallons as 0.371 lbs. salt per gallon.


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