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Fresh Clean
Waterless hand cleaner with Micro-Scrubbers EPA Approved

This waterless hand cleaner is formulated to remove ground-in dirt, grease and grime from even the most delicate hands. Special spherical micro-scrubbers are added to gently penetrate the pores and extract ground-in soils. Unlike

pumice, which can scratch and irritate your skin, micro-scrubbers are designed not to scratch skin or cause irritations. In addition, a special dry-emollient system conditions and softens overworked hands without leaving behind a residue.


Features and Benefits

         Tough, hard-working micro-scrubbers quickly lift grease and organic material off hands.

         Non-irritating formula leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

         Enriched with emollients to protect your skin after cleaning.

         Can be used anywhere, even where there is no water available for rinsing.


Directions Complete directions on product label

Easy to use in all situations, just squeeze some product onto your palm, rub in and wipe off with towel or rinse with water.



Caution: Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children



Appearance...... Blue green liquid

Fragrance...... Pleasant

Specific gravity.... 0.917

Flash point.... >200 F

pH........ 6.75-7.75

Stability...... 1 year


Active Ingredients

CAS Number



Oxidized Polyethylene


Odorless Mineral Spirits


Propylene Glycol


Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate




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