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Berry Vanilla Foam Soap
Versatile Foaming Soap EPA Approved

Ideal for use as a general hand soap, or as a body soap for bath and shower use. Itís rich formula is pH balanced to provide effective cleaning, yet gentle enough to keep your skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh all day. It contains no abrasive, caustic or solvent ingredients to dry or crack sensitive skin. It rinses freely, leaving skin soft and silky smooth.


Use as:

         General hand soap

         Body soap

         Bath and shower soap


Features and Benefits

         A neutral pH soap that contains gentle conditioners to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

         Unique combination of ingredients gently cleans hands.

         To use as a foaming soap purchase the Foam Soap Dispenser (#9142) with separate refill bottle (Product #9143)


Directions Complete directions on product label

Rub a generous amount in palm and rub into skin and rinse with water. Works with all styles of liquid soap dispensers.



Caution: May irritate eyes. Keep out of the reach of children



Appearance....... Red liquid

Fragrance.......... Berry Vanilla fragrance

Specific gravity... 1.00

pH...................... 5.5-7.0

Freeze................ Do Not Freeze

VOC content...... <1.0% by wt.


Active Ingredients

CAS Number



Sodium Tetradecenesulfonate


Coconut Diethanolamide




Cocamidopropyl betaine




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