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Sewer Cleaner
Extra Heavy Duty Drain Opener & Cesspool/Septic Tank cleaner EPA Approved
This product is a maintenance must for opening clogged industrial and municipal sewer lines. Use this product to clean and maintain all of your cesspools and septic tanks. It is specifically designed to clean main lines, drains, septic tanks and grease traps. The regular use of this product will aid in preventing problems caused by grease, oil, sludge, and organic matter. It will not injure pipes or plumbing fixtures.

  When making solutions, add slowly to the surface of the water while stirring.

Industrial use:
    Use 1-2 lbs. in normal drains. In food plants, where accumulations of organic matter are especiallty high, the use of 10 to 20 pounds is recommended.

Use a half pound in cesspools and septic tanks of 500 gallons capacity when the cesspool or septic tank is sluggish or slow in draining.

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