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Ultra Live Micro Concentrate
Destroys and controls odors the natural way EPA Approved

This unique product is designed to be easily blended into a highly concentrated suspension of bacterial spores. No special equipment, complicated multi-ingredient additions or extensive mixing times required. The diluted product provides an attractive alternative to costly deodorants and ineffective odor-masking agents. These special bacterial cultures do more than just cover odors – they eliminate the source of the odor. Natural enzyme-producing bacteria consume organic waste to eliminate malodors. They consume organic matter on most kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Same Great Formula As Live Micro #535, Only Concentrated:

·         Hospitals

·         Restaurants

·         Schools

·         Nursing homes

·         Apartments

·         Kennels

·         Industries

·         Prisons

·         Rugs

·         Carpets

·         Upholstery

·         Kitchen sink

·         Bathroom sinks

·         Mop sinks

·         Laundry sinks

·         Floor drains

·         Dishwasher

·         Urinals

·         Toilets

·         Garbage disposals

·         Bar sinks drains

·         Grease traps

·         Floors walls

·         Vinyl

·         Porcelain

·         Concrete

·         Metal

·         Painted surfaces


Effective Against

·         Surface odors

·         Grease and oils

·         Food

·         Urine and feces

·         Organic spills

·         Vomit


Features and Benefits

·         Five gallons of Concentrate to 50 gallons of water creates 55 gallons of Live Micro 535.

·         Bacteria eliminate the source of malodors by breaking down and digesting organic waste.

·         Effective odor control on hard surfaces and carpeting.

·         Contains both anaerobic (can live in airless environments) and facultative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria.

·         Purchase the Ultra Blend Center (9137 One button dispenser, and 9138 for the Three Button dispenser) for a wallmounted automated mixing dispenser for easy dilutions.


Directions: Complete directions on product label

Dilute 5 gallons of Ultra Concentrate with 50 gallons of water to produce 55 gallons of Live Micro 535.

Use this dilution as follows:

Surface odors: Dilute 1:1 with tap water and spray or mist area to wet surface. Allow product to work to eliminate odors.

Carpets and Upholstery: Dilute 1:1 with tap water and wet fibers. Brush into material. Lay damp cloth over area and keep moist for 24 hours.

Plumbing: Pour 2-8 ounces down drain weekly at the end of the day to maintain free flowing drains.



Caution: May irritate eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children.



Appearance.................... White liquid

Fragrance ..................... Pleasant

Colony count ................. 800 Million/milliliter

Environmentally safe .... Yes

Non-corrosive….............. Yes

Non-Toxic………............. Yes

pH 70ºC .......................... 6.0-7.5


Active Ingredients

CAS Number



Bacillus genus

No CAS number

Poly (oxyethylene) nonylphenol


Propylene Glycol




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