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Root Be Gone
Industrial Alkaline Drain Opener EPA Approved
This product controls root and fungus growths, which reduce flow in sewer pipes and storm drains. Apply the lowest rate necessary to control the problem.

Household sewers:
Use 2 to 6 lbs. of this product twice yearly in the spring and early fall. Apply in toilet bowl nearest to sewer line using 1/2lb. at a time and flushing each portion; or remove clean-out plug and pour entire quantity of small crystals directly into sewer line and flush into the pipe with water.

Commerical, Industrial, and Municipal sewers:
Use 2 lbs. of this product every 6 to 12 months, applied to each junction or terminal manhole.

Storm Drains:
Use 2 lbs. per drain per year. Apply during period of light flow in dry weather. Introduce a flow with a hose. If storm drains become almost plugged, repeat treatment 3 or 4 times at two-week intervals.

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