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Sewer Digestant with enzymes EPA Approved

This product utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of natural enzymes and backteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic) cultured for their ability to digest and liquify organic sewage quickly, efficiently, and without odors. These potent bacteria are combined with natural enzymes to immediately break down all types of organic waste for effective digestion. Regular applications are necessary to replenish the beneficial bacteria and minimize growth of unwanted backteria that produces odors and noxious gas.

These beneficial bacteria cultures are vastly superior to naturally occurring bacteria in digesting waste. Treated systems will reduce BOD and COD faster and more efficiently, enabling the system to treat higher volumes of waste and meet stringent effluent quality requirements. It will help the treatement system to resist temporary disruptions caused by toxic influent, while reducing odors and sludge volume. In both aerobic and anaerobic sludge digesters, digestion in more complete for less volume, easier dewatering and higher nutrient value.

Regular additions of this product when utilized as part of a preventative maintenance program including inspections by trained professionals will keep handling systems in peak operation condition.


  • Specially formulated for use in sewage treatment processes.
  • Increases system capacity and efficiency for trouble free operation.


The dry bacteria cultures and enzymes in this formula must be activated in warm water (85-100F). DO NOT USE HOT WATER!

Trickling Filters:

Use an initial treatment of 40 lbs. through wet well of siphon tank. Repeat in 48 hours. For maintenance, use 3 to 6 lbs. weekly per million gallons of daily flow.

Oxidation Tank:

In aerated tanks, use 3 to 6 lbs to each million gallons of liquid sewage. Because of the efficiency of these bacteria, residence time in oxidation may be reduced accordingly. Sludge must be treated separated from the liquid waste after the primary clarifier.

Aerobic & Anaerobic Digesters:

Use 2 lbs. per week per 1000 cubic feed of sludge. When a heave scum blanket of grease layer is present, double the treatment amount.

Settling Tanks:

Use 1 to 2 lbs per each 1000 cubic feet of capacity.

Imhoff Tanks: Use 2lbs per week for each 1000 cubic feet of tank capacity. Distribute over surface of solids beneath gas vents, then agitate by paddle or hose.

Lagoons, Oxidation Ponds, or Polishing Ponds:

To reduce odors and sludge buildup and improve clarification, use 1 to 2 lbs. weekly per 50,000 gallons of capacity. Spread digest over water.

Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Sewer Mains and Laterals:

Add 1.5 lbs per 500 cubic feet directly into wet well. Treat laterals during periods of low flow. For each 500 feet of length, use 1 lb. of digestant per 8 inches of pipe diameter.

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