Product Descriptions

Lift Station Degreaser:
The product is designed to dissolve grease blankets & chunks that from in lift stations on top of the wet wells, and also on the sides
because it will float on top and degrease the sides up and down as the levels fluctuate.
The lift station degreaser also dissolves wipes.

Root Begone:
This product is designed to dissolve roots that infiltrate sewer lines.
Material will form a film that stays active on the walls of the pipe for up to 3 months.
Will also prevent new roots from infiltrating. Adding material every 3 months will help keep sewer lines root free.


Drain Line Opener:
This material is designed to clean the drain line. It will dissolve grease, hair, food matter
and waste that accumulates in the drains. If treating a standard 2-inch pipe add about 1/2 of a cupful.
This will form a film on the walls of the pipe that will stay active for up to 3 months. If 1/2 cup is
added about every 3 months, it will keep the drain lines clean which in return will save the customer
time, money and labor. Can be used in units such as sinks, drains, and tubs.


Odor Control:
This material is a liquid that will eliminate many types of odors including odors
from urine, feces, smoke and just about any type of unwanted odor. It is dilutable concentrate
which is diluted up to 10-1 ratio. Works on a molecular level which means it will eliminate the
actual source of the odor rather than simplify covering one odor with another.

Selective Weed Killer (Trilete) :
This material is dilutable concentrate that dilutes with
water at a ration up to 64-1. It is designed to kill broad leaf weeds that grow in turf &
grass area. It will kill almost any broad leaf weed but will not harm turf and grass,
which makes it ideal for killing weeds and lawn areas without killing the grass.

Contact Weed Killer (Eliminator) :
This material is dilutable concentrate which
is dilutable with water at a ratio of 10-1. Is the fastest killing weed killer
on the market. Spray directly on the weeds and within 24-48 hours the weeds will
turn brown and begin to die. Within another day or two the weeds will be completely
dead. This weed killer will only kill what it directly touches which means it is ideal
for spraying around trees, scrubs and flower beds.

Total Weed Killer (Turf King) :
This material is a dilutable concentrate
that dilutes with water at a ratio of up to 10-1 with water. This weed killer
is a total ground sterilant. It will kill the weeds when they are growing but
will sterilize the ground and prevent any regrowth for up to 1 year.


Germicidal Disinfectant:
This material is one product that will clean, disinfect & deodorize all in one.
It is a super concentrated true quaternary disinfectant, which is dilutable 64-1. Material is EPA certified
to disinfect hard surfaces & sanitize soft surfaces. Sanitizes the air with no pre cleaning required.
Scents available (Pine & Fresh linen). Effective for COVID-19, Influenza, and other bacterial viruses.

InseInsecticides: Extinct:
This is a ready to use formula that will quickly kill all bugs and insects.
Will even eliminate bed buds & roaches. This material has a very low odor.
It can be used both indoors and outdoors which will create a barrier for up to 6 months to prevent any insects from coming back.

This is an all-natural Di limonene formula that is used to attack the eco skeletons of the insects to kill quickly and effectively.

All biodegradable and safe to use in all areas, Carpet Care:
This product can be diluted 10-1 and be used in spray bottles or carpet machines.
Will not fade or dis color the fabric and will quickly completely remove all stains. Can be used for blood, food, oil, juice & make up stains.

Liquid Carpet & Asphalt Cleaners:
You can dilute the material 10-1. It can be used in any applicator or power washer.
Can also be spray it or use in a bucket. It will quickly seep into the pores of the surface and lift all the stains.
Can be used on any surfaces such as concrete, wood, vinyl etc. Will not harm or discolor. All bio degradadble.

Winter Products: Non-Tracking Ice Melt:
This material will work below -30-degree weather. It can stay active for 18 hours.
Will protect all day from ice and can be used on high traffic to prevent black ice. Melts snow quicker than any other
material and is non tracking. Will not leave and white residue or marks. Safe for all surfaces.

Liquid Ice Melt:
Will melt ice on all surfaces.